A logo is one of the most important branding elements of your business. If your logo has become outdated or no longer matches the image that your brand is trying to create, it could actually become detrimental to your business. A well-designed logo can be effective in building brand loyalty and driving sales.

Your logo should also keep up with the growth of your business. If you are not sure whether your logo is delivering the best results, here are five signs that it’s time to refresh your logo with a Brand refresh.

1. It’s not unique

A logo that isn’t unique is not going to do much to help separate your brand from the competition. When it comes to branding, originality is extremely important. In addition, you also don’t want your customers to confuse your brand with other companies.

If you purchased your logo from a pre-made logo website or your logo uses stock photography, chances are that it does not have a unique character that can only come from a professionally designed logo for your business. If it isn’t designed well enough to stand out from the competition, this is a clear sign that it is time for you to start again.

2. It’s outdated

Some logos may continue to look great for years to come however, even the largest companies periodically make adjustments to their logos, although the changes are likely to be minor. If your logo looks outdated, then potential customers will probably think that your business does not keep up with the times. You may think your logo has a great design although it was designed 20 years ago, chances are that it is still outdated because it doesn’t adapt well to the Web. Your logo may look okay in a print publication or on a sign but it probably does not look as sharp when you put it on your website or social media sites.

Another reason why your logo may be outdated is that your business has actually changed since the last time that you updated it. As time passes, most businesses evolve. If your name, tagline, or products and services have changed, it is time for a redesign. If you want people to take advantage of all that your business now has to offer, your logo needs to show that there have been changes to your business. If you don’t update your logo when things change, it is unlikely that old customers will see a reason to give your business another chance. Additionally, you could also lose out on new customers that might love your new products and services but aren’t necessarily drawn in by your current logo. Your business may have also changed because of the fact that your competition has changed.

If you are no longer trying to distinguish your business from the same old companies, you will need to make changes in how you position your brand. Consider a logo upgrade as a part of the shift in your overall marketing strategy to accommodate changing customer attitudes about your industry.

3. You created it yourself

If your logo was originally a DIY project, it is probably a good idea to have a professional redesign your logo now that your budget can allow for it.

Most people can tell the difference between a homemade logo and a professionally designed logo and that’s not a good thing! In addition, if you are not a professional designer by trade, chances are that you did not use a program that was specifically made for designing a logo. Using Microsoft Paint or Word is far from professional and will not give you the best results. It could also mean that your logo does not look good when it is reproduced in certain sizes. A professional designer will use software that is specifically intended for designing logos, such as Adobe Illustrator and you’ll be able to obtain the updated version of your logo in all of the formats that you require, including versions with transparent backgrounds.

I’ve seen many homemade logos that use stock photography (as an attempt to cover up the fact that it was homemade), which can also make your logo look cliché. As a test, ask a few people at random what they think about your design. If the feedback is less than positive, it is probably time for a refresh.

4. No one “gets it” 

If your customers, employees or investors are confused about what your logo represents, chances are it does not appeal to your target audiences. If you want to have an effective logo, the concept behind it should be clear. Logos that don’t make sense are often due to the fact that the design has not kept up with the growth of the business. If your logo creates an inaccurate representation of your business, people will develop negative or incorrect perceptions of your company. They may associate your poor choice of a logo with a poorly run business.

Maybe the bad logo has grown on you or you have become so attached to your original concept that it is hard to let go. Regardless of the reason why your logo is misaligned with your brand, it is time to move on and pursue a redesign.

5. It’s not suitable for your industry

A little creativity is great. However, if your logo significantly deviates from the standards that have been set by your competitors and your industry, it may leave people wondering what’s wrong with your company. If your logo looks really different, it can send the wrong message about your company. In addition, it may lead customers to believe that your business doesn’t know what it is doing.

If you don’t want your logo to drive business to your competitors, you should consider using the best practices of branding when it comes to logo design. The top brands in your industry are likely already utilising these principles in their own logos.


If you have decided that it is time for a new logo, planning and research are essential to ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes.

Ask yourself a few questions first;

  • Has my core business changed and should the logo be adjusted to appeal to my new audience?
  • What type of logo matches the personality of my brand?
  • What are the key elements of my business that I want my logo to demonstrate?
  • How will my logo look in a few years? Will my design ideas seem outdated?
  • What are my competitors doing and how can I make my logo stand out?

If you are hesitant to refresh your logo, you should be aware that most logos need to be updated roughly every few years. Updating your logo is an important part of developing your brand. If you’d like any further information or a quote for a new logo, please do email me on neil@ngdesign.co.uk

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