If you use Google Photos, you’ll know it has so much more to offer than just storing and backing up all your photos and videos in the cloud. Using advanced machine learning, Google Photos can intelligently identify people, places, and things – and it’s all easily searchable.

One of the great things about Google Photos is the “Assistant” feature, which is present in both iOS and Andriod apps. Assistant is a card panel that shows the status of your backup storage, allows you to make movie clips based on the stored videos on your device and also create amazing animations using batches of photos. You can also create your own animations by manually selecting between 2-50 photos.

How to post your Google Photo animations to Instagram.

For iOS

  • Type “animations” into the search bar of the iOS Photos App.
  • Select your desired animation.
  • Tap the “…” button located in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Choose the ‘download’ button to save the GIF.
  • Open the “GifLab” application to convert the GIF into a video.
  • Select the “GIF to Instagram” option.
  • Select your desired GIF and adjust the playback speed.
  • Tap “save and share on Instagram.”

For Android

On Android, things are even easier and you can share GIFs directly from Google Photos to Instagram, as the app automatically converts the GIF into a video, no extra app required.


  • Tap the “share icon” on the lower left.
  • Select Instagram as the application for sharing the GIF.
  • Once converted into a video, you can then select the desired filter and caption.


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